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Additional Information

Demain Dimanche balcony counters are made in Montreal and feature 100% Canadian materials. Made of folded aluminum and lined with a strong powder coating. As for the surface of the counter, it is made of sealed birch plywood. The bar withstands summer weather well.


The product has a simple mechanism, very easy to install yourself. 

There's no need to call your "pattentor" friend to the rescue: in a few moments, the bar is set and you're ready to hang out with coffee and smoked glasses.

See the Installation and User Guide for more details.


Length: 36 inches

Width: 10 inches 

Height: 4 inches

Please see full terms and conditions for full details of the balcony bar.


Does it work on my balcony?

The quick answer is yes. It works on rectangular, flat, half-moon and round railings. Write to us for any questions, we will be happy to help you.

Is it easy
to install?

Yes. It takes an average of 1 minute to install. No tools are required to complete the installation.

Can I have
it delivered?

Yes, with $ 20 delivery charge. To avoid delivery costs, choose the workshop option. Following your purchase, we will organize a pickup time in
the Rosemont neighborhood in Montreal.

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