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The preferred version is French and prevails over any other translation of the terms of use in order to avoid any disparate interpretation between two versions.

Conditions of access to the website

This website is the property of Demain Dimanche inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Demain Dimanche") and was created for your information and for your personal and non-commercial use. Your use of the website is subject to the terms set out below and all applicable laws. By visiting and using the Demain Dimanche website, you are deemed to have accepted each of these conditions of use and all related conditions and directives. If you disagree with these conditions, please do not use the website.

No guarantee when using the website, Demain Dimanche is not responsible for the loss of data. Demain Dimanche disclaims all guarantees arising from the misuse of the content of the website. Demain Dimanche does not guarantee that the website will be available without interruption, without error and omission.

Product descriptions

Demain Dimanche took care to display the colors of the products that appear on our website as accurately as possible. However, as the actual colors you see depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that the products you receive will have the colors displayed by your monitor.


Demain Dimanche takes care to be as specific as possible about goods and services, including descriptions of products and pictures of products. However, Demain Dimanche does not guarantee that the descriptions of the products or any other content appearing on our website are exact or without errors. If a product offered is not as described, please notify our customer service at

Intellectual property

This site protects the copyright, trademark or patent rights. The elements of the site cannot be copied, reproduced, published without the written authorization of Demain Dimanche.


Applicable law and election of the domicile

By visiting the Demain Dimanche website, you accept that these conditions of use, the website, the use of the website, the sale of any product and any transaction are governed by the laws of the province of Quebec which apply and must be interpreted in accordance with these laws, without regard to the principles of conflict of laws.


Demain Dimanche at home in Montreal, in the province of Quebec in Canada and the client accepts that any recourse, litigation, claim or other legal measures of any kind whatsoever, must be submitted to the competent court of the judicial district of Montreal, province from Quebec.

Revision of terms and conditions

Demain Dimanche may at any time revise these conditions and update what is included therein. It is your responsibility to visit this page regularly in order to consult these updated conditions. The regular use of the website after these modifications means that you agree to be bound by them, and the maintenance of access to the website constitutes the consideration of Demain Dimanche for you. These conditions could also be updated by posting a notice or by creating links to these notices on the website itself.

Severability and completeness of these terms and conditions

If all or part of a clause or a provision of these conditions of use is invalid, illegal, void or for any other reason whatever inapplicable for any reason whatsoever, this provision may be detached and removed from the rest of these conditions of use and will have no effect on the other clauses or provisions and on the validity and enforceability of the other provisions.


These conditions of use and any other legal notice or any other declaration displayed on the website constitute the entire agreement concluded between you and Demain Dimanche with regard to the use of the website, in particular its content. and must in no case be interpreted in such a way as to contradict, modify or affect the provisions of these conditions of use.

Privacy and data security

If you buy through the Demain Dimanche website, certain information will be collected in order to be able to deliver the products ordered. Demain Dimanche undertakes not to disclose, rent, sell or assign to third parties, nor to exchange with third parties, information and personal data concerning its customers and users, without first obtaining their consent.

Notwithstanding the above, you should know that, unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be considered absolutely secure. Therefore, Demain Dimanche does not represent and does not guarantee that personal information will not be lost, misused or modified, and it assumes no responsibility for the personal information that you transmit to it, nor with regard to the use or misuse of personal information by you or third parties.

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Liability limitations

Demain Dimanche will not be responsible for any damage and prejudice of any kind whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, specific or consecutive, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing arising in particular from the use of the Demain Dimanche web site, the use of the material, products or services provided and / or created by Demain Dimanche of any kind, the impossibility of using them, a delay in delivery or a partial delivery, the extinction of rights or loss of profits, data, exploitation or goodwill, whether these damages are of a contractual, tort or extra-contractual nature, and it is not obliged to grant or grant you compensation or other form of reparation to a third party.

Product safety

The products offered by Demain Dimanche present certain inherent security risks if they are not used, handled, assembled and / or installed in an appropriate manner and it is recommended to be very careful and read the user guide carefully (which includes safety instructions) and the installation guide for the product offered.

Regulation and permission

Before installing any product supplied by Demain Dimanche, make sure that the installation complies with the regulations and laws in force, in particular those included in the declarations of co-ownership of residential buildings.

Conditions of sale


The sale prices displayed on the Demain Dimanche website are in Canadian dollars. Unless otherwise noted, the prices displayed on the Demain Dimanche website do not include applicable federal and provincial sales taxes, customs fees and charges, delivery and handling charges, entry charges and all others fees or taxes may apply. Delivery and handling costs and taxes will be invoiced separately in the order confirmation, as the case may be. You must pay all sales taxes, usage taxes, taxes on products and services, harmonized sales taxes and other taxes and duties related to the order.


Upon purchase, you agree to provide a valid payment instrument. Please pay attention to the details of the transaction up to the total price since the total price may include taxes, delivery charges, for which you are responsible.


When you provide us with a payment instrument, you declare that you have permission to use this instrument during payment. You authorize us to charge the total amount to the payment instrument you have designated.


Demain Dimanche may contact the issuer of the payment instrument, law enforcement and may share the details of any payment if Demain Dimanche is of the opinion that such action may prevent financial loss or breach of the law.

Returns and exchange

Demain Dimanche does not accept returns and makes no exchanges. The products purchased on the Demain Dimanche website are strictly firm sales, so they cannot be refunded or returned.

Returns will be made if, and only if, the product sold is defective. In such a case, Demain Dimanche will have the choice of exchanging the product sold, repairing it or making a refund. If the product you have is defective, contact customer service at In this case, the return delivery costs will be borne by Demain Dimanche.

Cancellation of the order

It will not be possible for you to cancel an order when payment is made on the Demain Dimanche website, except in cases specifically provided for by law.

Warranty exclusions

Demain Dimanche does not offer any legal warranty with respect to the products sold on the Demain Dimanche website or otherwise sold by Demain Dimanche.


Demain Dimanche delivers in Quebec. In the event of a Canada Post strike, delivery will be made by a delivery company such as Fedex or UPS. Delivery costs are for basic delivery, are not displayed on the Demain Dimanche website and are the responsibility of the consumer. Payment must be made in full and have been cleared before sending the product. Be sure to verify that your delivery address is correct before confirming your order and making payment.

Products purchased from Demain Dimanche are delivered by a third-party delivery company under a delivery contract. Demain Dimanche cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery or delivery defects resulting from circumstances beyond the control of Demain Dimanche. Demain Dimanche will make every effort to ensure that delivery goes smoothly.

Risk of loss


All products purchased on the site of Demain Dimanche are delivered in accordance with a delivery contract. This means that the risk of loss and damage to the products becomes your responsibility from the moment we deliver the package to the carrier.

Impossibility of delivery

Demain Dimanche is not responsible for orders that are not received because the address of the recipient you have given is not correct. You must make sure that the delivery address is correct and if there is an error in the address please contact customer service at

"Force majeure"

If the performance by Demain Dimanche of one of its obligations herein or provided for in the order confirmation is delayed by force majeure or any other reason beyond the control of Demain Dimanche, the delivery date will be delayed for the duration of the delay.


Demain Dimanche cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from a case of force majeure.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact our customer service at and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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