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Counter for outdoor space installed on top of a balustrade. Made of solid powder coated aluminum and untreated western Canadian cedar, this counter withstands summer inclement weather.


Types of model:

  • Regular balustrade kit: Suitable for a flat balustrade, rectangular balustrade and half-moon
  • Round balustrade kit: Suitable for a round balustrade
  • As Is: Counters with small flaws that are at a lower price than the regular price.

Types of finish:

  • Natural: Natural, unvarnished western cedar. This material is durable, rot-proof and insect repellent. After one or two years of use, the wood will change color naturally and take on a nice white / pale gray tint.
  • Varnish: "Marine / boat varnish" quality. The wood will keep its initial natural color.

Counter 5 @ 7

  • Width: 32 inches
    Depth: 10 inches
    Back height: 4 inches
    Total height: 4 inches
    Please see full specifications for full details on the balcony counter.

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